Specifications Work Islands

We build our Work islands of course according to Dutch building regulations. We only use high-quality, durable materials that require a minimum of maintenance. Summer or winter, we guarantee that you can continue to work comfortably in our Work Island through every season. And it will continue to look great from the outside!

The Foundation

We use two different foundations. An insulated concrete foundation and a lightweight, insulated foundation. Both are of high quality and have a very long lifespan. Do you want to be able to take the Work Island with you in the future? Then we recommend the lightweight foundation which is included in our starting price.

The Roof

The roof structure of our islands has been calculated to meet todays building regulations. The materials used have high insulating and contructive qualities, together ensuring an energy efficient, lightweight and strong roof. The RC insulation value of the roof is 4,5. The materials used keep the heat in during winter and out during the summer, making for a pleasant indoor temperature all year round.

What insulation rating does the work island have (RC rating)

RC value is very important when discussing insulating homes, business premises and offices. Another word for RC value is heat resistance. The insulation value of a particular material is indicated by RC. The R value indicates the resistance and the C stands for construction. The higher the RC value, the better a work island is thermally insulated.

The Great Outdoors work island have the following ratings:

  • Floor RC rating 4,5
  • Walls RC rating 4,5
  • Roof RC rating 6,3

Rainwater drainage

The rainwater is drained from the roof and enters the ground through a downpipe. The roof slopes slightly towards the drain. The drainage can be connected to a current drainage system, however this will probably not be available. After placing the island, the gardener (or the client) needs to place ca. half a cube of stones in the ground at the drainage point  so water can dissipate.


The wall structure of our Work Islands has been calculated to meet building regulations. The material used has both  insulating and constructive, together ensuring an energy-efficient, lightweight and strong shell. The rc value of the walls is 4,5, the walls are closed with 12mm watervast spaanplaat on both inside and outside  ready for finished wall products both inside and outside. The material keeps the heat in so that no energy is wasted. Moreover, the indoor temperature is always pleasant whether it is summer or winter. That makes for a pleasant work space!

Window/door frames

The island is provided with a wooden window frame and 1 door in a standard color of your choice. You can add/remove doors/windows as you please and change where they are located. In terms of type of frames, you can choose from French doors (with or without muntins), 2 or 4-part sliding doors or aluminum frames at an additional cost. All our wooden door and window frames have the KOMO quality mark. This indicates that the frames have been objectively tested by independent experts and comply with Dutch regulations, such as the Building Decree and the Building Materials Decree.

The Glazing

There are various options for the choice of glass, such as: Triple glass (HR +++), double (HR ++) glass, frosted glass and/or glass with muntins. The work island is supplied with HR ++ glass as standard. In summer, the HR ++ glass protects against the heat and dampens outside noise.

Door/window fittings

All our wooden windows and doors are including hardware. All fittings that we use are at least SKG ** certified and comply with the Police Quality Mark for Safe Living (PKVW).


The Work Island comes standard with 4 recessed ceiling spotlights, 4 power sockets, 1 ethernet connection and outdoor lighting. On request we can add more connections, it is also possible to add sanitary connections. You will need to ensure that the required utilities are in place from the house to the Work Island.

Heating system

The climate in our Work Islands is all year round very pleasant. This is due to special, insulating wall panels and a revolutionary heating system. This system heats everything from the floor and walls to the furniture. This spreads the temperature in the Work Island evenly. The complete electric heating system is also very economical and durable. It is 60% more efficient than traditional heating. Also handy: the system can be remotely controlled with an app. You can bring your Work Island  up to temperature while you are still having breakfast at home!

Internal walls

The internal walls and ceilings are finished with a decorative wall panel where a variety of colours and styles are possible. If you would like a plastered or painted finish, it is possible at an additional cost. The condition is that the work island has a concrete foundation.

The Floor

The floors in our Work Islands  are made of natural and sustainable materials. The decorative wood fibre floor is rendered water resistant by means of natural products. The result is a robust floor, very suitable for everyday use. And that water resistance comes in handy if you accidentally knock over a cup of coffee!

Façade Cladding

You can personalise your Work Island. The Great Outdoors lets you choose from three types of façade cladding. Wood, cement board or aluminum. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles for each façade type.

Wooden Façade

The thermo wood with which we cover the façade has been made durable in an environmentally friendly way. This makes it a great alternative to tropical hardwood. The solid wooden slats are resistant to extreme weather conditions. The wooden façade gives the Work Island a warm, natural look and also a modern style, thanks to the sleek design.

Fibre Cement Facade

You have to see and feel these unique facade panels made of fiber cement. There are multiple designs and colours, each with its own structure. From panels with grooves that enrich your facade with a play of lines, to panels that subtly show the structure of fiber cement. The panels are durable and maintenance-friendly. The choice is yours, what appearance do you want to give your Work Island?

Aluminum Façade

The contemporary design of our Work Islands lends itself perfectly to an aluminum façade. This material has a changeable relief and provides a modern look. The aluminum is light, strong and durable. It is resistant to any weather conditions. With aluminum you give your Work Island a beautiful subtle façade.



If you choose for a wooden foundation, we ask you to prepare the surface on which the island will be placed. The area should be cleared and level. This can be done by yourself or a gardener.

If you choose a concrete foundation, please contact us in advance for full details. You should keep the following in mind: In order to realize the foundation, the construction area must be excavated. We recommend that you collect the surplus soil in “Big Bags” which hold m3 of earth. If we arrive with the crane to place the island we can move the Big Bags with the crane to the street side. You or your gardener can then take care of the removal of the Big Bag. This prevents you or your gardener from having to move all the sand to the front of your house with a wheelbarrow. When a cone penetrometer test (CPT) is available, we can exclude this post. If no CPT is available, we will notify you in advance. Price on request.

Screw piles

The screw foundation that we use is a high-quality product. The screw foundation itself ultimately bears the load. This means that no concrete is needed. This saves time, money and is less burdensome to apply. After installation, the screw foundation can be loaded immediately. The high quality standard of the screw foundation in both the assembly and the material ensures a maintenance-free foundation.


You will need to ensure that the desired utilities are run from the house to a prior discussed spot close to the Work Island. We will take care of the utilities    within the work island. When the work island has been placed, we will complete the connection so your work island will be ready for use “plug & play”.


The Great Outdoors  Work Island product will generally fall within limits where a permit is not required, but where you place it in your garden will be a major factor in whether a permit is required or not, (bestemmingsplan). Please use Rijksoverheid​ or Omgevingsloket​ to help you check permit requirements.


Technical drawings

If you do not purchase a standard island, we can make an architectural drawing or render for you on request, which will be sent to you for approval.

  • Architectural drawing €500 incl BTW (€250 discounted from final invoice)
  • 1 render and 1 revision € 350 incl BTW


After receipt of the signed quotation and down payment, the work island can be delivered within 8 working weeks. We depend on our suppliers for this. We will inform you promptly if the planning is delayed due to issues beyond our control.

The island itself is placed within 1 working day and delivered in accordance with the agreements in the quotation.

Payment terms

  • 50%: after signing the proposal. (Once payment received we will start on final drawings for your sign off)
  • 45%: 2 weeks before delivery date
  • 5%: day before delivery


Healthy Work Space at Home

What do you need to set up your Work Island as a healthy workplace? Health2Work not only gives you personal, ergonomic advice, but also supplies the corresponding interior. From office chairs to desk bikes. Health2Work even provides the necessary exercise! And if you only need temporary office furniture, it is also possible to rent from them. Contact your advisor quickly and start furnishing your Work Island ergonomically.

Smart Interior

Manutan has everything you need to set up your Work Island quickly and efficiently, whether you use it as an office or as a workshop. You can choose from more than 200,000 articles: from a whiteboard to a workbench. Contact the Manutan  advisor and order your office supplies.

Music While You Work

If music can help you to work better or more pleasantly, then we also go for quality here. The wireless (outdoor) speakers from Sonos can withstand moisture, water, heat and UV rays. Even sub-zero temperatures don’t stop them from producing refined hi-fi sound. You control the speakers in your Work Island with an app or your own voice.

Working under a Green Roof

A green tinge on your Work Island? You can have the roof covered with sedum. The sedum roof collects rainwater, reduces CO2 emissions and removes pollutants from the outside air. That alone sounds great, but sedum on the roof also has an insulating effect. It helps keep the Work Island warm in winter and cool in summer. Thanks to its insulating capacity, you use less energy and save on energy costs. A beautiful, natural and sustainable system.

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