We build our Work islands of course according to Dutch building regulations. We only use high-quality, durable materials that require a minimum of maintenance. Summer or winter, we guarantee that you can continue to work comfortably in our Work Island through every season. And it will continue to look great from the outside!

Three Types of Façade Cladding

You can personalise your Work Island. The Great Outdoors lets you choose from three types of façade cladding. Wood, cement board or aluminum. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles for each façade type.

Wooden Fa​ç​ade

The thermo wood with which we cover the fa​ç​ade has been made durable in an environmentally friendly way. This makes it a great alternative to tropical hardwood. The solid wooden slats are resistant to extreme weather conditions. The wooden fa​ç​ade gives the ​Work Island​ a warm, natural look and also a modern style, thanks to the sleek design.

Fibre Cement Facade

You have to see and feel these unique facade panels made of fiber cement. There are multiple designs, each with its own structure. From panels with grooves that enrich your facade with a play of lines, to panels that subtly show the structure of fiber cement. The many, beautiful designs are durable and maintenance-friendly. The choice is yours, what appearance do you want to give your ​Work Island?

Aluminum Fa​ç​ade

The contemporary design of our ​Work Islands​ lends itself perfectly to an aluminum fa​ç​ade. This material has a changeable relief and provides a modern look. The aluminum is light, strong and durable. It is resistant to any weather conditions. With aluminum you give your​ Work Island ​a beautiful subtle fa​ç​ade.


Well Insulated

For the framework of our Work Islands we use structura, fire safety, insulated panels that meet the requirements of the Building Decree. RC value of floor & facade: 4.5 m2K / W and roof 6.3 m2K / W. They keep the heat in so that no energy is wasted. Moreover, the indoor temperature is always pleasant whether it is summer or winter. That makes for a pleasant work space!

The Roof

The material used for the roof of the ​Work Islands​ is unique. It has both an insulating effect and a load-bearing function. The materials in this construction together ensure an energy-efficient, lightweight and strong roof.

The Foundation

We use two different foundations. A concrete foundation and a lightweight, insulated foundation. Both are of high quality and have a very long lifespan. Do you want to be able to take the ​Work Island​ with you in the future? Then we recommend the lightweight foundation.


The Floor

The floors in our ​Work Islands​ are made of natural and sustainable materials. The decorative wood fibre floor is rendered water resistant by means of natural products. The result is a robust floor, very suitable for everyday use. And that water resistance comes in handy if you accidentally knock over a cup of coffee!

Pleasantly Warm

The climate in our ​Work Islands ​is always very pleasant. This is due to special, insulating wall panels and a revolutionary heating system. This system heats everything from the floor and walls to the furniture. This spreads the temperature in the ​Work Island​ evenly. The complete electric heating system is also very economical and durable. It is 60% more efficient than traditional heating. Also handy: the system can be remotely controlled with an app. You can bring your ​Work Island​ up to temperature while you are still having breakfast at home!

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