If, as an employer, you want a ​Work Island​ to be placed with your employee who works from home, the Dutch Working Conditions legislation applies. Occupational health and safety legislation imposes requirements on a (home) workplace – and therefore also a ​Work Island​. For example, the workplace must have sufficient daylight, sufficient facilities and interior space be of at least a minimum size. Of course, ​The Great Outdoors​ ​Work Islands​ meet these legal requirements. If you would like to know more about the relevant legislation and regulations, click ​here​ for more information from law firm Penrose.law

The Great Outdoors​ ​Work Island​ product will generally fall within limits where a permit is not required, but where you place it in your garden will be a major factor in whether a permit is required or not, (bestemmingsplan). Please use ​Rijksoverheid​ or ​Omgevingsloket to help you check permit requirements.

Islands are available from 4 sq meters up to approx 24 sq meters with a max base of 4×6; Max width of 3.49 meters is within the standard transport. For a wider dimension we need special transport on request.

You can opt for glass with a ventilation grille. But of course you can also just open the door/window for fresh air.

We use two different foundations. A concrete foundation and a lightweight, insulated foundation. Both are of high quality and have a very long lifespan. Do you want to be able to take the ​Work Island​ with you in the future? Then we recommend the lightweight foundation.

Since we offer the option to customize your work island, we only communicate ‘prices starting at’. Please contact us to discuss your personal wishes.

It is not compulsory, but we can provide an architectural drawing and/ or render.

  • Architectural drawing €500 incl BTW (€250 discounted from final invoice)
  • 1 rendor and 1 revision € 350 incl BTW

We coordinate and plan the transportation and crane. Price depends on address,
accessibility, location in the garden (distance) and the weight of the island. Typical cost for the standard Matakana delivered up to 30m from the street is approx € 1.100,- incl BTW.


  • Concrete costs more than wood per m2, for example a concrete foundation for the Matakana is € 3.900 euro incl BTW


  • Sondering report may be needed for location, this starts from € 1.150 incl BTW depending on location and accessibility
  • Poles (based on Matakana) 4 poles required € 100 incl BTW per meter and depth is dependant on sondering report (e.g common depth Haarlem 5m = € 2.000 incl BTW)
  • Extra crane costs deliver Matakana up to 30m from street with concrete base € 2.400,- incl BTW

Are there any extra costs if not choosing standard sized model

  • CAD drawings costs for non-standard product € 480 incl BTW
  • CAD drawings if using concrete foundation drawing non-standard size € 360 incl BTW
  • Extra material costs based on final size
  • If width exceeds 3.49 meters, special transport permit (convoi exceptionnel)

Note: All above prices are an indication and inclusive BTW