Specifications Entertainment islands

We build our Entertainment islands of course according to Dutch building regulations. We only use high-quality, durable materials that require a minimum of maintenance.

The Foundation

We deliver the product with a ca. 120 mm thick concrete foundation which is placed on pre-positioned screw piles. The screw piles are positioned with the amount required depending on the type of soil and size of the entertainment island base.

The Structure

The islands are constructed from European oak as per the model you have chosen. Our suppliers work with a drawing supplied by us which incorporates your final dimensions. This is then placed through a CNCC machine process, guarenteed the highest quality of accurate cutting and joinery. In turn the high level of the oak finish per element is visually pleasing with this process due to the machine planed finish.

The Roof

The roof structure of our entertainment islands have been calculated to meet constructive regulations. It is finished with Europol  universal water tight layers, and a roof trim in either zinc or black aluminium.

Rainwater drainage

The rainwater is drained from the roof and enters the ground through a downpipe. The roof slopes slightly towards the drain. The drainage can be connected to a current drainage system, however this will probably not be available. After placing the island, the gardener (or the client) needs to place ca. half a cube of stones in the ground at the drainage point  so water can dissipate.

Walls of the islands

The closed walls of our entertainment islands can be personalised in a variety of outside cladding options.

Powder-Coated Aluminium

For enclosed designs, the glazing (safety glass) comes with aluminium frames proven to withstand outdoor weather conditions and can be powder coated in your choice of colour.


The ​Entertainment Island​ comes standard with 3 hanging lights recessed ceiling spotlights, 4 power sockets and outdoor lighting. On request we can add more connections. You will need to ensure that the required utilities are in place from the house to the Island.

The Floor

Foundations are completed with modern polished concrete. The top layer is finished smooth yet the natural concrete characteristics are retained.



You should keep the following in mind: In order to realize the foundation, the construction area must be excavated. We recommend that you collect the surplus soil in “Big Bags” which hold 1 m3 of earth. If we arrive with the crane to place the island we can move the Big Bags with the crane to the street side. You or your gardener can then take care of the removal of the Big Bag. This prevents you or your gardener from having to move all the sand to the front of your house with a wheelbarrow. When a cone penetrometer test (CPT) is available, we can exclude this post. If no CPT is available, we will notify you in advance. Price on request.

Screw piles

The screw foundation that we use is a high-quality product. The screw foundation itself ultimately bears the load. This means that no concrete is needed as with the traditional steel column solutions. This saves time, money and is less burdensome to apply. After installation, the screw foundation can be loaded immediately. The high quality standard of the screw foundation in both the assembly and the material ensures a maintenance-free foundation.


You will need to ensure that the desired utilities are run from the house to a prior discussed spot close to the ​island. We will take care of the utilities within the entertainment island. When the island has been placed, we will complete the connection so your island will be ready for use “plug & play”.


The Great Outdoors​ ​Entertainment Island​ product will generally fall within limits where a permit is not required, but where you place it in your garden will be a major factor in whether a permit is required or not, (bestemmingsplan). Please useRijksoverheid or Omgevingsloket to help you check permit requirements.


Technical drawings

If you do not purchase a standard island, we can make a technical drawing for you on request, which will be sent to you for approval. You can change this 1 x free of charge. We will let you know the extra costs for this in advance.


After receipt of the signed quotation and down payment, the work island can be delivered within 8 working weeks. We depend on our suppliers for this. We will inform you promptly if the planning is delayed due to issues beyond our control.

The island itself is placed within 1 working day and delivered in accordance with the agreements in the quotation.

Payment terms

  • 50%: after signing the proposal. (Once payment received we will start on final drawings for your sign off)
  • 45%: 2 weeks before delivery date
  • 5%: day before delivery


Steel cucine

For enclosed designs, the glazing comes with aluminium frames proven to withstand outdoor weather conditions and can be powder coated in your choice of colour.

Kamado Joe

With the versatility to do it all, the Kamado beats them all. Begin a culinary journey full of natural robust flavours and discover a new level of outdoor cooking.


The energy-saving solution for effective heating of terraces. The beautiful design and the simple and quick commissioning make Heatstrip patio heaters unique.


Enjoy detailed sound in the garden or on the terrace with outdoor speakers. These speakers are built to withstand moisture, water, salt splash water, heat, UV rays and freezing temperatures.

HomeFires Braai

The South African HomeFires Braai is the perfect combination of an outdoor kitchen and fireplace. Warmth and delicious meals are guaranteed.


The OFYR is a functional sculpture designed to bring beauty, warmth and style to your garden or patio.

Green Egg

The Big Green Egg is a popular kamado BBQ from the very best ceramic. Smoke, roast, steam, bake or grill. The possibilities are endless.


With a functional & stylish design, durability and a great range of features BeefEater barbecues will complement any outdoor setting and cook up a delicious meal every time.

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